This article provides an overview of the psychological factors that influence at the emergence of injuries, the psychological responses to injuries and the psychological interventions that may facilitate the rehabilitation process. Psychological stress is the most important risk factor for the development of sports injuries.
Personality, stressors in the prehistory and coping strategies jointly affect the stress response, which in turn has impact on the occurrence of injuries. If the athlete experiences the injury as threatening the State anxiety increases. This will increase the concerns and the physiological activation state will be increased.
Psychological interventions for injured athletes, such as setting goals, thought control techniques, relaxation techniques, imagery and ‘ support groups ‘ can reduce the stress, which has a beneficial effect on the recovery time. Athletes who have certain psychological skills. recover faster from injury. Above techniques will be discussed.

Written in Dutch: Geneeskunde en Sport – okt. 2001. Voor het volledige artikel: Download hier de PDF