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As previously described on this website, Afke gives lectures to athletes, coaches, teams, medical staff and other interested parties. On this page you can find the handouts of the presentations. Afke has also written various interesting articles and columns.  Besides that, Afke is also occasionally mentioned or consulted in the press and media. Here you can find links to files or other sites.

‘ A good trainer makes his players self conscious ‘

Football develops continuously. In the early years nobody would think about a sports psychologist. Howere nowadays almost every professional footballclub has one in there crew. Afke van de Wouw iis now on her third season in Arnhem. Thinking of a psychologist, you...

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‘Some even need to vomit’

The tension at elite athletes is sometimes immense. Sports psychologist Afke van de Wouw learns them how to handle it. "If they know and recognize what pressure does with their body, they are already a long way." As a physical therapist at the Laren Mixed Hockey Club...

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imagined and conquer

Louis van Gaal teaches his players the team to imagine in advance, so they are better focused, hockey Player Floris Evers closes his eyes in the dressing room a few minutes before the game and thinks about the thing that are important to him this game.  At the Milan...

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What comes from far is better?

Have you also attracted a talented player that didn't seem to make it? Why is it that player do not succes at one club but do succeed at the other club? How can you place the coaching and communication in a way that you can get the most out of the investement in these...

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Emotional coaching

' Football is emotion ' is a widely used expression. The last time we notice that these emotions are high. How do we make sure that players have their emotions under control and are busy only with the football itself? Or: how do you coach the emotions of your players?...

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Stop the situation stop?

We know the method for years, partly because these are often the basis of countless trainers training: the situation stop. During an exercise the trainer sees ' the moment ' which he wants to coach and he immediately ends the exercise. Everyone should stay put and the...

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Brain in motion

Runningtherapie for people with mental health problems has been around for quite some time and is a successful method. But also runners without those problems can affect their brain. With many positive results. You also belongs to the Legion that has established for...

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The psyche of the Olympians

‘Mental coach’ Afke van de Wouw, highlights the other side of the sport. She is a coach for the coaches. As a sports psychologist she accompanies the staff of VVV Venlo, and she gives regular workshops on mental training and guidance. She also advises individual...

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Ambitious VVV-venlo breaks taboo with Afke van de Wouw

Johan Derksen and René van der Gijp are rather giggly about their guest, VVV-coach Jan van Dijk, in a broadcast of football International beacuse he tells that he and his selection benefit of the contributions of sports psychologist Afke van de Wouw. Not the former...

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Building self confidence

Everyone knows that confidence is important for sports success, but building self confidence is not so easy. Because how do you do that as an athlete? Or how do you support this as a trainer or coach? This article deals with the concept of ' confidence' and gives you...

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sports injury: the aspects between the ears

This article provides an overview of the psychological factors that influence at the emergence of injuries, the psychological responses to injuries and the psychological interventions that may facilitate the rehabilitation process. Psychological stress is the most...

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