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In one-on-one sessions we will examine what your current status is. There might be problems and underperformance, but it doesn’t have to be. Some athletes just want to perform better and use these sessions to achieve that


In the workshops for groups different subjects about sport psychology are possible. I give workshops about communication for cycle coaches of the National Cycle Federation.


Team Sport contains communication (tactics), decision making (game insight) and the execution of these decisions during the game (technics and fitness).


Besides workshops I also give classes on universities, courses and/ or other forms of education. Of course different topics are possible, like applied …

Luster Afke van de Wouw

sports psychologist and sports scientist

What I do?
My expertise

Athletes are often coming to me if their training performance is better than their game performance. When they play the game ‘they cannot show what they are capable of’ or ‘they perform under their potential’.

Also coaches want to use sport psychology principles in coaching their athletes. In doing so the athletes will perform better. Coaches also come to me for their own personal development.


The Performance Coach

“Life is not waiting for things to happen.
Make it happen!”

I’ve always been interested in people and what ‘moves’ them (or why they don’t move). For that reason I studied physiotherapy in the early nineties. In that time I also started working in sports: I became the physio of football teams. In physiotherapy most the attention goes to the musculoskeletal system. I got more and more interested in what’s going on in the head.

(former) physiotherapist

Contributes to a more effective recovery from workouts and competitions. Teaches athletes to cope with injuries. Supports to optimize the rehabilitation process.

Sport psychologist

Geeft sporters en coaches inzicht in hun eigen prestatiegedrag. Reikt hen tools aan om hun prestatiegedrag te optimaliseren. Draagt bij aan het verbeteren van prestaties.

Gives athletes and coaches insight into their own performance behavior. Offers tools to optimize their performance behavior. Contributes to improving performance.

Exercise physiologist

Has knowledge of training and training principles. Has thereby better visibility to the load and load-bearing capacity of the athlete. This facilitates collaboration with the training staff.

Athlete in its entirety

With her broad background Afke makes a total picture of the athlete. In doing so, they used the sport itself as a starting point.

Multidisciplinary approach

Like to work together with the other disciplines of the guidance staff, such as the medici and trainers. Working together on improving the performance of the athletes.

Beter presteren

All this, with the ultimate goal: perform better. Meaning not only to win in the sport but also to have growth als win. If you keep growing, you will win matches aswell.



‘ A good trainer makes his players self conscious ‘

Football develops continuously. In the early years nobody would think about a sports psychologist. Howere nowadays almost every professional footballclub has one in there crew. Afke van de Wouw iis now on her third season in Arnhem. Thinking of a psychologist, you...

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New contract at Vitesse

Afke has renewd her contract with Vitesse for the third year. "I'm glad that Vitesse enables me to make the next step in the further development of the coaches and players. '

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Stop the situation stop?

We know the method for years, partly because these are often the basis of countless trainers training: the situation stop. During an exercise the trainer sees ' the moment ' which he wants to coach and he immediately ends the exercise. Everyone should stay put and the...

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A week full of stress in the eredivisie

Vanwege de bekerfinale van afgelopen zondag lag de eredivisie in de beslissende fase even twee weken stil. Was het een welkom moment om te herstellen of juist een hinderlijke onderbreking? Hoe hielden coaches en spelers de boog gespannen, zonder dat de stress in de...

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